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A New Catherine Point Suburb?

Suburb Name Change Event – Sun 30th April, 2023 @ 10:00am

Please join us on Sunday 30th April, 2023 at 10am for a special community information event, to be held at the playground at the end of Rollinson Road (near the Catherine Point groyne!).

Our South Beach/Shoreline community have been offered an opportunity to adopt the new suburb name of Catherine Point to replace the name North Coogee for our coastal area between Port Coogee and South Fremantle.

Confusion surrounding the suburb name North Coogee (especially the similarity with 'Port Coogee') has been one of the biggest issues facing our community for years. We have been working hard since 2019 to split and rename the suburb to South Beach and Port Coogee. While Landgate have now supported Port Coogee as a name, unfortunately they have NOT supported South Beach as a name. We’ve taken this as far as we can, but we will never become South Beach.

Although this outcome is disappointing, a new opportunity has been presented by Landgate. Catherine Point is a historic name unique to our area and was identified early on this name change project as a potential alternate suburb name. Catherine Point was highlighted as compliant under Landgate suburb renaming policy (subject to final Landgate signoff). While the name Catherine Point would be a new name for our suburb and currently is relatively unknown, it could provide our community with a unique sense of identify and location, something that has evidently been lacking with the name North Coogee.

The decision to rename our suburb will be made by you, the North Coogee community, in a formal consultation run by City of Cockburn. Please learn more by attending the above event, visiting or by clicking on the following links…

North Coogee Name Change Website – please take a look

North Coogee Suburb Name Change - Overview

Click here to download PDF

North Coogee - Name Change Flyer
Download PDF • 652KB

Should we become Port Coogee and Catherine Point?

Since 2019, the South Beach/Shoreline community and the Port Coogee community have been working together to rename the suburb of 'North Coogee'. The proposal is for the creation of two new suburbs. In February 2021, a petition signed by over 2000 residents supported two new suburbs to be called South Beach and Port Coogee.

Unfortunately, Landgate have advised the name 'South Beach' cannot go forward. The name 'Port Coogee' can still be supported by Landgate but is only likely to be successful if the whole of North Coogee agrees to change to two new names. Scan the QR code below or go to our website to read in detail the reasons for Landgate’s decision.

How do we change the suburb name and why?

What is the process for changing suburb names?

What does Landgate consider are the key drivers for suburb name change?

Why do most people in North Coogee want a name change?

Will there be further community consultation?

What names were considered?

Why is the name South Beach no longer an option and what are the implications?

Why the name Port Coogee can be supported by Landgate?

Why is the name Catherine Point our best alternative to the South Beach name?

Why would remaining North Coogee perpetuate the problems?

Where would the new boundary be located?

Why is McTaggart Cove the most appropriate boundary?

The proposed boundaries (map)

What is the process going forward?

Who can vote to on the name change during community consultation?

Will both new suburbs remain a part of the City of Cockburn?

What if I disagree with the proposal to divide the suburbs?

How long will it take to change the name?

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