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First Reef Modules Are Going In

In an Australian first, 135 precast concrete modules each weighing 3.5-tonnes will be craned into place at C.Y. O’Connor Beach this March as a unique engineered fringing reef purpose-designed to reduce beach erosion is installed 100m offshore.

Over the past 20 years, the shoreline near the northern end of this popular City of Cockburn beach has eroded by more than 50m. This erosion has increased the likelihood of destruction of important built and natural assets in the reserve and resulted in dune loss and the relocation of pathways and periodic sand replenishment works.

The modules, similar to those constructed and installed by Subcon for the Coogee dive trail, will be colonised by marine flora and fauna. From its position offshore, the 100m long reef will reduce the wave energy that reaches the beach while being far less obtrusive than conventional groynes and seawalls.

The beach and it's nearby roads will remain open during the reef’s installation over two to three weeks in March weather permitting, as modules are delivered to the offshore location via barge. The offshore operational area will be closed to swimmers and marine vessels while the modules are installed.

For more information about the City’s coastal adaptation projects, visit the City’s website

For more information about the State Government’s Coastal Adaptation & Protection Grants program, visit the Department of Transport website.

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