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Key Points on Suburb Name Change Proposal and CPCG Position Statement

There’s been a lot discussion, and some recent media coverage, about the renewed North Coogee Suburb Name Change proposal for new suburbs named ‘Catherine Point’ and ‘Port Coogee’. It's important that everyone has the right information, so please see below which we hope will help clarify concerns some residents may have about the current proposal.

Key Points – What’s the latest?

  • Our area of North Coogee (northern section) cannot become a suburb named ‘South Beach’, as Landgate consider South Beach to now be located only in South Fremantle.

  • There may still be an opportunity for our area to have its own identity and suburb name, with the name ‘Catherine Point’ emerging as the only real option for this under Landgate policy

  • If our area remains North Coogee, Landgate have advised that there cannot also be a separate Port Coogee suburb, as they consider there to already be too many Coogee-named suburbs.

  • There are no known indigenous names for our specific area of North Coogee. The Nyoongar-derived name ‘Nara Beach’ was suggested by the CPCG (from ‘Derbal Nara’), but Landgate indicated it may be culturally inappropriate.

  • The South Beach Community Group needed a new name, because we no longer operate in the South Beach area.  

  • The name ‘North Coogee Community Group’ would not have been appropriate, as the group do not represent the whole of North Coogee (i.e. not the Port Coogee marina area).  

  • If the suburb were to remain North Coogee, the community group would still need a new name to differentiate it from the Port Coogee Community Association (also within North Coogee).  

  • The community group adopted the name Catherine Point Community Group (CPCG), because this important coastal landmark lies between the South Beach Estate and Shoreline Estate, so would be equally relevant to both residential areas represented by the community group.  

  • The adoption of the new community group name (CPCG) does not mean the suburb name will definitely change to ‘Catherine Point’. That will only occur it the proposal is given approval-in-principal by Landgate and then formally supported by the community (see below).  

  • The CPCG committee have endeavoured to primarily inform the community of this potential suburb name change and the process, rather than specifically promote the name ‘Catherine Point’.  

  • A new North Coogee suburb name change proposal (two suburbs named Catherine Point and Port Coogee) was submitted to the City of Cockburn and the council approved its submission to Landgate.  

  • This proposal will be assessed by Landgate and the Geographic Names Committee (expected June), who will determine both the suitability of creating two suburbs, and the two new names. If given approval-in-principal, a formal, independent community consultation process will be conducted by the City of Cockburn.  

  • Our suburb name will only change to ‘Catherine Point’ if the formal, independent community consultation process demonstrates community support for the new name.  

  • The CPCG believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to be involved in this consultation, such that our northern North Coogee community has the final say on whether or not our area becomes a new suburb named ‘Catherine Point’.  

  • Whilst the specific details of this independent community consultation are to be finalised, the CPCG understand that every single member of our northern North Coogee community will have ample opportunity to have their voice heard. This will be through a variety of means, likely to include direct feedback, surveys, community workshops, forums and information sessions.  

Position Statement from the Committee – What Now?

  • If the new suburb name change proposal is given approval-in-principle by Landgate, the CPCG will endeavour to work closely with the City of Cockburn to ensure that the independent community consultation is fair and democratic for the residents we represent (northern North Coogee).

  • The CPCG believe that a majority of our northern North Coogee community must be shown to want to become ‘Catherine Point’ for the suburb name to change. The CPCG would expect conditions typical for democratic processes.

  • The CPCG believe that our northern area of North Coogee should only change to Catherine Point if it is supported by a majority of residents from within our own specific community area.

  • The CPCG believe that only residents who respond to this consultation should be included in any survey results.

  • If the CPCG are not confident that fair representation of our community can be achieved, then the CPCG would consider its position in respect to the name change proposal, which may include the CPCG withdrawing its support for the proposal.

We will shortly be running a series of community information events and publishing more details in due course. Watch this space! 

Please keep an eye for more details to come. and feel free to contact us via email to provide feedback and ask questions. 

Many thanks,

CPCG Committee

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Mar 12

For some reason our comments keep getting archived ? We attended the community gathering (last Sunday the 10th of March 2024) with the intention of addressing our concerns, as the event was advertised as an opportunity for residents to voice any issues regarding the community. However, we encountered significant resistance from the Catherine Point Community Group (CPCG), who seemed determined to dismiss our concerns outright. Our primary issue revolved around the proposed name change to Catherine Point and the glaring lack of community involvement in the decision-making process. There was virtually no consultation conducted, which raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the submission made to Landgate.

During the meeting, it became evident that many committee members were unaware of the…

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