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Latest Update on the South Beach Name Change Proposal

Both South Beach Community Group and Port Coogee Community Association are now able to be in direct discussion with Landgate representatives. This has been achieved with the assistance and lobbying of State Parliamentary representatives and directly with the Minister of Lands Office – Landgate report directly to this office.

This is a significant opportunity and enables both our community groups direct dialogue with Landgate. We can now present our case directly and provide evidence as why our proposed name change to ‘South Beach’ is compliant to their naming policy.

These discussions have also been able to better identify possible future steps to progress the name change to ‘South Beach’ and these are :

1. Identification, establishment, and agreement in principle with Landgate that there is a compelling need for the suburb name to change.

2. Identification, establishment, and agreement in principle with Landgate of what the alternate suburb name changes can be.

3. City of Cockburn conduct the Community Consolation to confirm the desire for the suburb name change to occur and what the proposed name change options will be.

4. Consultation and resolution from the City of Fremantle, that they either support, or there is no objection, to the suburb name of South Beach

Landgate have indicated a willingness to continue direct discussion, consideration, and debate with our community groups on the various points we want to raise; our rationale; and why we believe our proposal is specifically compliant to the clauses of their naming policy, or not specifically, actually excluded by it.

So, right now, both SBCG and PCCA are busy collating information on the above points to provide to Landgate. And we hope to be meeting, or certainly be in discussions, with them in the New Year.

Landgate have provided ‘acceptance in principle’ to the proposed ‘Port Coogee’ suburb name – providing a compelling need for the change is identified and accepted – but currently not with the proposed ‘South Beach’ suburb name. We believe that if Points 1 and 2 can be achieved for ‘South Beach’ then our proposal could once again be considered by Landgate for review and acceptance by the Geographic Naming Committee. This would then enable Point 3 to proceed. With regards to Point 4 – SBCG is currently considering how this will be progressed

If after all efforts to have the suburb name changed to ‘South Beach’ are exhausted and we’re still not able to achieve this then SBCG will again formally consult with our yourselves as to whether you want to remain North Coogee or try to progress an alternate name.

This is still an on-going process everybody and we’re not giving up yet. It’s hoped to bring this issue to a conclusion one way or another by 2023. Hang in there!

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