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Meet your Catherine Point Community Group committee members and neighbours

Gage Park, Reinforcement Parade

Sunday 10th March @ 4pm

Great chance to chat face-to-face about our current local issues plus an opportunity to float new ideas and directions for your community group to get involved in.

Bring a drink, maybe a shareplate, and we look forward to meeting with you.

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12 mar

We attended the community gathering with the intention of addressing our concerns, as the event was advertised as an opportunity for residents to voice any issues regarding the community. However, we encountered significant resistance from the Catherine Point Community Group (CPCG), who seemed determined to dismiss our concerns outright. Our primary issue revolved around the proposed name change to Catherine Point and the glaring lack of community involvement in the decision-making process. There was virtually no consultation conducted, which raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the submission made to Landgate.

During the meeting, it became evident that many committee members were unaware of the specifics within the Landgate submission. This lack of awareness was disheartening, especially considering the importance…

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You Me Us
You Me Us
12 mar
Contestando a

I am very concerned about this too. It seems an absurd waste of rate payers money to wait for a consultation when the Community Group could have run a survey to see what the feeling was. It was very hard to engage in meaningful discussion with the CPCG - they were defensive and wanted to close us down.

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