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Name Change Campaign Launch

August 2020

In what is easily be our most discussed and anticipated project, we are delighted to announce we are officially launching the campaign to change our suburbs name. The South Beach Community Group has been working with the Port Coogee Community Association on a proposal to rename the suburb of “North Coogee”. This will lead to the creation of two new suburbs called “South Beach” to the north and “Port Coogee” to the south.

There are many requirements to changing the name of a suburb, and we have tried to summarise them as succinctly as possible in an information flyer.

That said, the first and most important thing we need is signatures from every North Coogee resident, every property owner, every owner of empty lots or investment properties, and every developer. If you consider yourself to be one of these people then we need you!

Please pop down to Bistro 21 on Sunday the 16th August anytime from 3 – 5pm to further understand our campaign, get an accurate description of the boundaries of the two new proposed suburbs, pretty much split North Coogee down McTaggart Cove, sign the petition and perhaps even take a petition form away to get your neighbours to sign.

Can't make it on the 16th but would like to sign the petition now - please follow this link to the petition. You will need to print the petition, sign it (get everyone over 18 living at your residence to sign), before scanning it and sending it back to Note: The signature must be hand-written not pasted.

We estimate based on 836 Lots (in South Beach) we need to collect over 2,000 signatures. We have previously had over 60 of you respond that you were happy to assist with signature collection. If you all can still assist, it will make our job so much easier and increase our chances of success!

If you live in an apartment, we need you more than anyone else: while committee members can door-knock street by street for those signatures you guys haven't been able to obtain from neighbours, we can't access apartments or often specific floors within apartments.

Hopefully we will see you on the 16th for some afternoon tea, a wine or beer and some light food sponsored by the South Beach Community Group (while it lasts!) and you get everything you need to assist. Can't make it on the 16th August but would like to assist with collecting signatures? Please email with your street and addresses you are willing to collect; or your apartment building and floor level. We can organise collection of your petition pack.

We can't wait to kick this thing off with style – see you at Bistro 21 on the 16th August for a casual Sunday arvo catchup with neighbours and sign, sign, sign!

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