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Name Change Latest, January Update

The goal of splitting North Coogee into South Beach and Port Coogee is still being vigorously pursued. To this end representatives from both our South Beach Community Group and the Port Coogee Community Association recently had a meeting with representatives of Landgate. We were able to demonstrate and identify where our overall proposal is compliant and meets the thresholds and reasons required by Landgate’s name change policy, or is not excluded by it. And we also showed how the proposed new suburb names are compliant with their policy.

It looks like that our current proposal is very similar, in terms of requirements and justification, to the approved suburb name change of part of Munster to Lake Coogee. So this could provide a precedent for for our current proposal for South Beach and Port Coogee.

SBCG and PCCA representatives have another meeting with Landgate representatives on the 30th of January to discuss things further and hopefully agree how this campaign can be progressed.

We'll continue to keep you up to date.

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