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So, what's happening with that bridge and that sports oval, and that footpath ... ?

At our latest community group meeting we were pleased to have local councillor Simone Sieber in attendance. Simone is a regular guest and provides an invaluable link with the City of Cockburn. One of the topics we discussed with her was what’s happening with some of the infrastructure projects around the Shoreline development, and how the SBCG could help and assist with progressing these? In particular :

  • Shoreline Pedestrian Footbridge from Bennett Ave over the railway to CY O’Connor beach

  • Bennet Avenue Oval

  • Pedestrian Footpath completion between Shoreline and Rollinson Road such that pedestrians are not required to walk on the roadway for this access

We’ve just received this feedback.

Shoreline Pedestrian Footbridge from Bennett Ave over the railway to CY O’Connor beach

Background to the project

The Robb Jetty local structure plan identified a need for the pedestrian bridge. This document was publicly advertised in 2013 prior to adoption.

The bridge, as part of a larger project of just over $18 million worth of infrastructure upgrades along the Cockburn Coast foreshore, was again advertised as part of development contribution plan (DCP) 13 in late 2013.

City obligations (DCP) and design

As part of City responsibilities managing the City’s DCP fund, there is often design work undertaken to better inform the estimated costs of infrastructure. This is an internal process.

Development WA have indicated some information on their website providing indicative visions of what the bridge may look like. There is currently no final design for the pedestrian bridge. Any images shown in documentation are illustrative only and should not be construed as the ultimate design, which will need to factor in a range of technical considerations.

There are several matters that still need to be resolved in relation to the design of the bridge, including the overall height clearance to accommodate trains with double stacked containers. The resolution of these matters are still being worked on with State agencies, however there is a concern some of these matters will increase the estimated cost of the bridge and limit available design options.

Physical and access constraints to delivery of bridge

As you can probably see, the area of foreshore where the bridge is planned is one where our coastline is at greater risk of erosion and needs some additional protection to what is already there. The City has undertaken some consultation to gauge how the community utilise this beach: This will inform the design options for coastal protection works which then need to be budgeted for and programmed for delivery. Until this timeframe (and funding) is secured, it is unlikely the bridge would be installed.

Development WA has recently undertaken works for the eastern landing point of this bridge (which is a contaminated site) requiring specific management to enable it to be rendered suitable for the City to take over management and enable public access. Likewise, the western landing point of the bridge is presently in WAPC ownership and they have a number of land tenure matters to work through before the City could take on management of this land.

Options for future consultation

The City has not previously undertaken or planned any specific consultation on the design of the bridge at this point in time.

There may be limited design options available for the bridge after factoring in technical and practical considerations, as well as cost.

Nonetheless, if an opportunity to influence the design process arises, the City will further consider the role the community could have in any deliberation process.

Please see :

Bennet Avenue Oval

In late 2021, the City sought final feedback on the plans as part of a Development Application. Information can be found here: New Cockburn Coast Sports Field - Development Application, Lot 505 Cockburn Road, North Coogee | Comment on Cockburn

Following this feedback the City prepared all documentation in preparation to issue a public tender to construct the Oval, Car Park, Playground and other supporting amenities (considered as Stage 1 of a two stage project – details in the above link). However, in an environment of high inflation, high construction costs, and a tight labour market due to the global economic impact, the City decided earlier this year to place the construction of stage 1 works on hold.

It is proposed to amalgamate the oval and car park construction (Stage 1) with the construction of the community facility (Stage 2) planned for 2025-26, in accordance with the Community Sport & Recreation

Plan 2018-2033.

Please see :

Pedestrian Footpath completion between Shoreline and Rollinson Road such that pedestrians are not required to walk on the roadway for this access

The developer choose not to upgrade the Bennett Avenue verge frontage when the first stage of Aegis was built (only the Kaleep Close frontage).

Unfortunately as a new growth area, not everything has been developed yet. The obligation is on the developers in this area to do these upgrades as part of the subdivision and development process, not the City of Cockburn.

Development for higher density developments is typically quite slow. At this point there are no further development approvals on this site. We don’t have an indication of when Aegis might look to develop the second stage of their property.

There is an opportunity for the verge upgrade to be sought when the second stage of the development occurs. There is nothing to prevent the landowner providing the upgrade earlier if their residents demand this.

The SBCG will continue to press for these projects to be progressed and of course welcome any help and assistance from you the community.

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