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Solar lights on the CY O'Connor Beach footpath

The City of Cockburn is installing solar lights in early 2022 along a section of the CY O’Connor Beach footpath.

  • Nine lights are being installed approximately 40m apart, between Ocean Drive and Rollinson Road carparks.

  • Lighting will face the ocean, minimising backwards projection of ambient light.

  • The luminaires will be mounted to galvanised steel poles at a height of 4.5m. The poles are powder coated satin black.

  • The lighting unit has a small solar panel on the top and LED lighting underneath. The solar panel recharges with 4–5 hours of sunlight that can power the lights for at least five nights.

  • The light’s sensor is activated by movement and acts as an energy saving feature. The light will operate at 10% output adjusting to 100% output when the sensor is activated, returning to 10% when no movement is detected. The lights will operate from dusk to dawn.

  • Works are expected to commence in late January 2022 and take around one week to complete. Partial path closures may be in place during the works for the safety of pedestrians. Signage will be in place to guide path users in the event of closures.

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