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Ten Years In ...

SBCG and CPCG Achievements For Our Community 

Did you know it’s been around 10 years since this community group came into being? Kicking off as a small traffic-action group and now the fully functional community group it is today. Much has been achieved over the decade to help our community and this is set to continue with current, and future projects and initiatives. From native vegetation planting, to traffic-calming, to pump-tracks, to street lighting, footpath creation, barbecue facilities, the many community events, support network during lockdown, our lovely herb garden, forging close relationships with the many stakeholders in both the Shoreline and South Beach estates. And there’s many more projects currently underway to help improve our lives and surroundings. 

Here’s a quick look at these important milestones – past, present, and future :

The Pump Track

Award winning pump track in Barrow Park. The community got a $250,000 overhaul by Ecoscape Australia and the popular play area was opened in March 2019, following a long campaign by the SBCG for improved facilities for local families.

Extension of Park down Reinforcement Parade

Originally a drain, after lobbying by the SBCG with the various stakeholders in that area of land, what was once an ugly and neglected piece of wasteland is now transformed into a pleasant area of parkland.

The Book Exchange Libraries 

Situated in both Shoreline and South Beach estates, these popular book libraries are very well used and are looked after by the CPCG

The Herb Garden

Community at it’s best, growing and sharing herbs for us all. The Barrow Park herb garden is now very well established, and there are plans very much underway to create a similar herb garden in Shoreline at Reinforcement Park too. CPCG volunteers, along with many green-fingered residents, help with the upkeep and watering, as well as the popular ‘Spring in the Park’ annual get-together for new planting.

Park Play Areas

Hopscotch and Snakes and Ladders games installed in Barrow Park for kids of all ages to enjoy. Plans are underway to improve play areas within the Shoreline parklands too.

Extra BBQ and Picnic Seating Facilities 

The SBCG were instrumental in having additional BBQ and seating installed for us all to enjoy.

Traffic Management

Over the years the SBCG/CPCG have helped enable traffic calming humps throughout South Beach estate roadways. The red traffic-slowing area adjacent to Barrow Park is also the result of continued pressure to the powers-that-be by the CPCG.

Shade Sails Over Pump Track Area

You asked, we delivered. The Pump Track can now be enjoyed by kids of all sizes throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Extra Native Vegetation Around Barrow Park

We all agree that native vegetation is both good for the environment as well as bird and insect life. The SBCG/CPCG liaise with council gardeners for this to happen.

Signage and Lighting Along the Beachside Footpath

The CPCG was able to secure signage encouraging cyclists and walkers alike to be mindful of each other when sharing the footpaths, additional lighting was secured too.

Installation of a Footpath on Bennett Avenue

The SBCG/CPCG worked hard at ensuring that this very necessary footpath was installed to benefit all in the Shoreline area.

Creation of Support Network During COVID Lockdown

During lockdown the SBCG set up a network of volunteers, ‘South Beach Superheroes’, to help with grocery shopping, medical supplies, dog walking, etc.

Successful Community Events 

Music in the Park

Movies in the Park

Carols in the Park

Spring in the Park


These regular events just keep growing with more and more residents attending. They’re extremely popular and a great way to get together with our neighbours. The CPCG are committed to continue with hosting them.

What’s in the Pipeline?

The Oval

The CPCG have been in many discussions and meetings with stakeholders of the Oval on Bennet Avenue in an effort to progress this vital local amenity. We are continuing to press for the area to at least be grassed in order that the area can used in the interim. Budgets are still to be set and are hampered by rising costs. The CPCG are committed to stay abreast of this important project.

Green Space in Shoreline

The CPCG are working hard with all stakeholders to help progress this project for our community.

Beach Access from Shoreline

The CPCG are committed to help ensure the best possible outcome for this is achieved.

Please tell us which projects and initiatives stand out for you. Is there one not here that you'd like mentioned? And please get in touch with any suggestions too, email us at

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6 days ago

We have moved into North Coogee recently and I would like to nominate at Chairperson or vice Chairperson for this wonderful Group looking after our South Beach community.

I have recently retired from the NT Education department as the Director of School Performance where I was in charge of NT city and Remote Principals. I have extensive knowledge of

extending Principal's learning and development which also entails developing fundraising capabilities to enhance learning and required strategies to improve their School's learning.

As I have semi retired as Mentor to NT Principals I feel the need to assist in the area I now reside in if at all possible.

My experience in living in North Coogee over a short time is…

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