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We have now made our submissions to the City of Cockburn regarding projects for consideration in the 2022 – 2023 draft capital works budget. Taking the opportunity here to present the results of the community consultation process for the projects, which are outlined in the table here.

Please note the following :

  • We have not been notified of any issues or received any negative community feedback about any of the proposed projects.

  • The South Beach Community Group has undertaken community consultation and provided a list of potential projects to the City of Cockburn. However, the SBCG is not responsible for specific details regarding execution of any projects, including types of plants selected and their location, the nature of any upgrades, colours or styles of upgrades, specific location of signage, colours or styles of upgrades etc. These decisions, and the decision regarding which project(s) are ultimately selected, are made by the City of Cockburn.

  • Projects are assessed by the City of Cockburn Council and officers in line with project criteria, budget, long-term plans and compliance with City policies. The South Beach Community Group does not undertake these types of assessments.

Timing An initial assessment will be undertaken by officers in first quarter 2022. This process determines whether a project is suitable for Council to consider in the 2022-23 draft capital works budget. If the project is considered suitable for Council consideration, it will be included in the draft budget requests for 2022–23. The draft budget is presented to Council for consideration and approval at the Special Council Meeting in June 2022.

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