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Update From Discussions with DevelopmentWA

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On 31st March 2023, representatives from the SBCG met with DevelopmentWA to discuss the need for more public open space in the Shoreline estate. This discussion was primarily focused on two key areas in Shoreline: (i) the proposed oval on the corner of McTaggart Cove and Cockburn Road (Cockburn Coast Oval) and (ii) the proposed park area to be developed on Bennett Avenue on the eastern side of the railway lines and around the site of the proposed footbridge. An update on these two points following discussion with DevWA is set out below.

Cockburn Coast Oval

The SBCG representatives were advised that the title for the Oval had been passed to the City of Cockburn (CoC) and as such the land on which the oval is proposed to be built is now owned by the City of Cockburn.

The CoC had originally communicated that development of this oval would be done in two stages:

  • Stage 1: the development of a fully irrigated sports oval, car park, sports lighting and minor supporting amenities

  • Stage 2: the development of a club room building.

The most recent communication from the CoC on the development on this site had indicated that the CoC had intended to complete deferred payment for this land in their 2025/2026 budget. After which then it would appear the CoC would plan to budget for and undertake any planned oval development.

Given title to the land, however, now rests with the CoC, on behalf of our community, the SBCG representatives intend to again make representations to the CoC to at least turf and install required irrigation service infrastructure ASAP.

Any community support that can be provided in respect to this endeavour may assist in achieving this outcome.

Public open space around the proposed footbridge on the eastern side of the railway line (along Bennett Ave)

The footbridge is an asset which is to be developed and paid for by the CoC, but is severely delayed due to design/specification issues, coastal erosion concerns and possibly coastal foreshore land ownership complications.

The landscaping under and around the footbridge on the Bennett Ave side (eastern side) of the railway is development which DevWA can currently plan to undertake only once (i) the overhead power lines owned by Western Power along Bennett Ave between Surada St and Rollinson Ave are sunk underground and (ii) the CoC has completed the footbridge.

DevWA has made significant progress with Western Power in relation to agreeing to sink the overhead power lines and currently estimates that this work could potentially be completed by March, 2024 (dependent availability of labour and materials).

It became apparent that the future road plans/realignment for the Shoreline estate area includes an extension of Surada St and Moonlight St to the west towards the railway lines. Jetty Avenue will also be extended towards the railway lines and provide another car and pedestrian access point to Robb Rd/the beach areas. Consequently, there would then be three pedestrian access points across the railway lines to Robb Rd/the beach areas – at Rollinson Rd, McTaggart Rd and Jetty Ave

Unfortunately, the completion of the footbridge is complicated due to the concern around coastal erosion management on the eastern side of the railway. Railway eastern side land ownership considerations, design difficulties - likely to lead to high cost, and which it is not apparent that the CoC have not budgeted or planned for this installation to date.

Consequently the timeline for the completion/provision of the public open space to the eastern side of the railway line is not apparent or known. The SBCG now intend to seek discussions with the CoC on this timing/planning for the provision of this footbridge and any possible options that may be available to expedite its provision and or the public open space.

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