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We Have a New Group Name

South Beach Community Group (SBCG) has now officially changed its group name to the Catherine Point Community Group (CPCG). This follows the presentation at our July 2023 AGM, a unanimous committee vote for the change, and formal approval from the Associations WA Commissioner.

Catherine Point is the name of the groyne between the two beaches in our northern section of North Coogee. It's a historic coastal landmark, remaining important to maritime navigation to this day. Catherine Point also lies adjacent to both residential estates represented by our community group (South Beach Estate and Shoreline Estate). Given the substantial development and population growth planned for Shoreline Estate, the name Catherine Point was chosen to equally represent each residential area, and to better reflect the current and future focus of our group within City of Cockburn.

To clarify, the new Catherine Point name will ONLY apply to our community group. While the group will continue to investigate the potential of renaming the North Coogee suburb, this remains a separate issue and will only occur following a formal, independent community consultation, as previously detailed.

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