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What Shall We Spend Our $30k Grant Money On?

Let us know what community projects you'd like considered? What would you like to undertake and get involved with?

As an established and active community group the CPCG can apply for up to $30k Residents Groups Grant from the City of Cockburn.

The next round of funding is about to commence and we’re reaching out to you all to find out if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see happening, in addition to our regular events and ongoing projects.

We can apply for funding to run events, activate spaces, and support the ongoing sustainability of the community group. Please email us on and we can log all your suggestions. 

FYI : Things that can be considered may include small community events, clean-up and beautification projects in public spaces, art projects like murals, community health and well-being activities. Minor infrastructure investments like planters, temporary lighting. Event equipment like PA system, foldable tables, cooler box, storage containers. The grant money cannot be used for things like roads, public toilets, playground improvements, shade sails, etc., these come out of the CoC Capital Funds. Uniforms, prizes, food and beverages cannot be included either. Please check the City of Cockburn website for more info on Resident Groups Grant Program Guidelines.

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