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Your Suburb Name ... South Beach? Alternative name? Or North Coogee?

There’s been some developments with our Name Change Campaign. Please take the time to read this article fully. And we need your input in a simple online survey.

The Current Situation.

The SBCG committee are continuing to work on the North Coogee suburb name change, although the name South Beach remains stalled at the Landgate stage. We’re committed to taking the South Beach name as far as we can, which may include a reconsideration of our proposal at the Ministerial level. We continue to firmly believe that the name South Beach is the most appropriate, widely supported and naming-policy compliant name to replace North Coogee and define our South Beach/Shoreline areas and delineate us from the Port Coogee marina. As part of the process to continue pressing for the South Beach suburb name, the City of Cockburn (CoC) are required to undertake their own independent, formal community consultation to confirm community support and desire for this suburb name change.

Formal City of Cockburn Community Consultation.

The CoC plan to undertake an independent community consultation of North Coogee residents soon, in order to formally confirm support for the name change. Due to there being some uncertainty around the name South Beach, the SBCG are required to provide to the CoC a single alternative suburb name to accompany the options of ‘become South Beach’ and ‘remain North Coogee’ for their consultation. The inclusion of an alternative name will allow the formal CoC consultation to progress despite the aforementioned uncertainty. The ultimate decision of what our suburb will be called, be it South Beach, an alternative or to remain North Coogee, will be informed by formal community consultation and signed off by the Minster of Lands.

Naming Options

The SBCG committee, including our main researchers and campaigners, have discussed all known suburb name options and identified two potential alternatives to the suburb names of South Beach and North Coogee. While we feel that these names are not as ideal as the name South Beach, the committee believes that either would be suitable to identify our community, define our location and be compliant with naming policies, if indeed the South Beach name is no longer an option. These names are (in alphabetical order) …

Catherine Point

✔️ An important coastal geographic landmark, notable on formal maritime charts

✔️ The current name of the groyne between the two beaches of our proposed suburb

✖️ Not a widely known name or location, even within our own community

Nara Beach

✔️ Unique – From 'Derbal Nara' meaning Estuary of the Salmon. This is a Noongar name for Cockburn Sound

✔️ Reflects our coastal location with both English (South Beach) and traditional/Indigenous names

✖️ A new name and not currently an established name for our area

The SBCG committee believes that this decision should come from the South Beach community, therefore we would greatly appreciate your feedback on these two options. Please tell us your preferred alternative name in this survey. This will help inform the committee as to which preferred name to present to the CoC for inclusion in their formal community survey.

Remember this alternative name choice is to accompany the the formal City of Cockburn community survey options of ‘Become South Beach’ and ‘Remain North Coogee’

Please note that we remain committed to try and achieve the preferred suburb name of South Beach, as it is evidently the best, most representative, and identifiable suburb name for the area we call home! If you’d like more details on this and other aspects of the name change process, please email us at

Many thanks

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